Baba (Malaysia)

They branded their flower pots as “BABA”, which not merely implement the beauty of clay sculpture, but yet pose lightweight and durable qualities. With the cutting-edge technologies, flower pots were conceptualized and interpreted in the nature and beauty of clay, pottery and wooden. In here, you can easily find numerous pots with unique design and improvement, as well as the design pattern.

Today, despite its excellent quality to withstand extreme temperature ranging from -17 degree Celsius to 48 degree Celsius, BABA’s pots also combines with the demand of the environment – almost all of the pots are biodegradable. Besides as an item of home decoration, it is also a symbol of the responsibility of the era. BABA is committed to the philosophy of Green Living Space of Modern Lifestyle, and they wish to fully develop and implement the one-stop business models worldwide to help to rebuild the green planet.

Let’s be the sustainable life’s guardians!

BABA product with Sum Kee Yuen

  • BI Biodegradable Planters, Pots and Saucers
  • Gardening Gadget
  • Garden Decoration
  • BI Fertilizer and Plant Care
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TUI (New Zealand)

Tui is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company proud to have been helping Kiwis produce fantastic results in their gardens for more than 100 years. They don’t rest on last season’s crop though; they’re continually developing innovative products that will suit New Zealand’s distinct climate, conditions and lifestyle.

Tui was awarded a Centenary Trade Mark Certificate from the patenting office in recognition of the Tui trade mark that was registered 100 years ago.

TUI product with Sum Kee Yuen

Tui Super Sheep Pellets N–P–K  5–2–6 are a unique combination of all natural pelletized New Zealand sheep manure and Nitrophoska compound fertilizer. Nitrophoska gives your garden an instant boost – while sheep pellets break down over time, conditioning your soil and adding organic matter to improve soil structure. The combination of fast acting and long lasting fertilizers will make your garden show-ready in no time.

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Mikskaar (Estonia)

Mikskaar is an Estonian family company and one of the largest peat producers in their country. The main goal of their existence is to be able to serve any grower anywhere in the world with the best substrate to make the plants grow. Mikskaar has provided growers with peat products for approximately 20 years already.

Their peat fields are well chosen and cared for, far from any pollutants and weed free; all peat fields are of substantial size and depth, located in Estonia. The factories are in Estonia, all well equipped for production of high quality substrates. All the installations are constantly tuned, improved and renewed. Diversity and flexibility are beneficial, Mikskaar always aim to meet the needs and wishes of the customers and implement modifications if necessary.

Mikskaar is a member of the German quality control Gütegemeinschaft Substrate since 2001, the RAL quality sign assures the user that the product is reliable and that it has been analysed according to the agreed and accepted norms.

Mikskaar product with Sum Kee Yuen

  • Natural White Peat
  • Professional Peat Substrate MKS0
  • Professional Peat Substrate MKS1
  • Professional Seeding Substrate MPS1
  • Universal Potting Mix
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Spring from Holland (The Netherland)

Holland’s horticulture stands for quality and reliability. The “Spring from Holland” brand was established over 40 years ago with a focus on leaf shine for the professional user. Today Spring has grown from a one-product company to a manufacturer and marketer of a comprehensive range of aerosols, liquid and powder products serving specialist markets. Sales and distribution to over 54 countries of the Spring products are being handled.

Spring product with Sum Kee Yuen

  • Spring plant fertilizer (concentrated liquid) has an enriched formula with additional iron and other trace elements: Fertilizer for green indoor plants NPK10+4+7 EC Fertilizer, Fertilizer for flowering plants NPK4+4+10 EC Fertilizer, Fertilizer for orchids NPK5-5-5 EC Fertilizer.
  • Spring anti lice spray is a water based insecticide with natural ingredients of which it is actively against lice, trips, white flies and caterpillars. To be used on indoor and outdoor decorative plants.
  • Spring cut flower food powder in 5 gram sachets is an excellent universal food for cut flowers and arrangements.
  • Spring leafshine is the highest quality leafshine used by professionals worldwide. Its original formula is non-abrasive, non-toxic and does not deplete the ozone layer. Economical use with immediate result. Regular treatment will keep your green hard leaved plants dust free and will remove water, calcium and rust stains.
  • Spring Pro Florist Decoration Spray: Ideal for use on fresh, artificial, silk and dried flowers, cardboard, paper, pottery, wood, metal, stone, glass etc. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Surprise your customers with unique creations, choosing from a palette of colours offered by Spring® Pro Florist.
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Antimos (Malaysia)

ANTIMOS-301 Mosquito Repellent Gel is a product of Antimos Technology Sdn Bhd, a corporation in Malaysia. It is developed based on Chinese herbalogy studies in Asia. Antimos-301 is formulated with three 100% natural ingredients consisting Citronella, Pine Oil and Garlic Oil.  Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and is safe for everyone including your children and even babies.

Citronella is well known for its mosquito’s repellent properties. However, their repellent properties are mild. Research has shown that its repellent properties can be broadened and strengthened by combining it with two other safe and natural ingredients namely Pine Oil (from pine tree) and Garlic Oil. This patented formulation is what is made up of ANTIMOS 301.

For the invention, Antimos Technology has received 11 awards in Malaysia and internationally since its inception. Amongst awards received are International Invention Awards 1998 Geneva, 1998 London, 1998 Malaysia and 1999 China.

ANTIMOS-301 Mosquito Repellent Gel is

  • All natural, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly
  • Safe for everyone including babies and young children
  • Effective and Consistent protection
  • No messy, oily or sticky stuffs on your skin
  • Convenient. Just place it anywhere desirable
  • Chemical free
  • No electricity, No spray devise, No batteries, No burning required
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園藝之寶 logo

園藝之寶 (Hong Kong)

園藝之寶 is our self-developed local fertilizer brand of which the raw material of it is from “Spring from Holland”, a famous and quality gardening product manufacturer in Europe market. Our products contain all necessary elements for the health and growth of different kinds of plants.

Products include:

  • Ready-for-use Liquid Fertilizer (150ml / 400ml) : Foliage, Flowering, All-purpose
  • Water Soluble Fertilizer (35g / 200g) : Foliage, Flowering, All-purpose
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