BABA AR180, AR230, AR280, AR330 膠花盆

Modern Living & Outdoor Gardening

Arch Series

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Modern Living & Outdoor Gardening
Arch Series

BABA AR180 膠花盆
Size: 180mm Ø直徑*150mm高
可配No.921 / 919/ 927 碟底
Color: Cotta, Brown, Green

BABA AR230 膠花盆
Size: 230mm Ø直徑*192mm高
可配No.912 / 928 碟底
Color: Cotta, Brown,Green

BABA AR280 膠花盆
Size: 280mm Ø直徑*236mm高
可配No.911 / 923碟底
Color: Cotta,  Brown, Green

BABA AR330 膠花盆
Size: 330mm Ø直徑*278mm高
可配No.939 /922 碟底
Color:Cotta, Brown, Green

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Cotta, Brown, Green


AR180, AR230, AR280, AR330